Create an event

1. Create a page

To create an event page on the website, you can:

  • click “Create an event” at the top of any page on the website.

  •  click “+” in the event catalogue

  •  click “Create an event” in your Profile

2. Event information

Next, you need to fill in the required fields:

  • Event name
  • Download a cover
  • Add a description

You can format font and subtitles of your event. To add a link, you need to create a text, select it, click the link and paste the necessary one

  • Choose event language
  • Share links to the event in the social media (optional)
  • Event date and time
  • Location

For online events that have no location, you need to select the necessary checkbox

  • event organizer phone number and e-email

This information will be displayed on the event page

  • specify target audience
  • choose event category

Click “Next”

3. Event promotion

On the next page, you can choose event promotion parameters or make your event public without promotion.

  • choose promotional package you prefer
  • if you have a promo code, use it
  • share the link to your website, if you would like to drive your traffic there
  • choose language and start date

Please note that choosing promotion parameters is preliminary. Once the payment is made, a personal manager will contact you to specify the details.

Click “Promote the event” button or make it public without promotion

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