Where do events on the site come from and why can they be duplicated?

Events on our site are collected in two ways:

-Permanent aggregation from a variety of large, proven resources

-Manual addition by users of our site

This implies that the same event can be loaded from different resources and can be added manually.

We do a lot of work of moderation and constantly improve and replenish the ways to deal with duplicates. Our goal is their complete exclusion.

When merging events and places, the following principles apply:

-A manually added event takes precedence over an aggregated one.

-Between two manually added events, priority is given to the earlier one

If you have found any mistakes, be sure to let us know, and we’ll be glad to fix everything for you.

For this you need:

1. Email us at hello@whatwhere.world

2. Send a private message using a feedback form

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